【Your Smart Guide to Mini-Storage】Five Ways to Store Efficiently and Save Money

As space becomes a luxury and household items start to build up, mini-storage is quickly becoming a popular solution for most Hongkongers.

At Boxful, our packages Mini-storage’s packages are based on the size of your selected storage space. The more items you’d like to store, the more space you’ll need and the more expensive it can be.

In this handy guide, we’ll show you how to use your space efficiently, allowing you to save cash on rent.

1) Pack Before you Rent

Most people choose the size of their mini-storage space by a rough guesstimate. This leaves them with too little space for their needs, or too much.

We suggest packing your items in standard-sized cardboard or plastic boxes first. This lets you accurately calculate how much space you actually need, allowing you to choose the optimal storage size.

2) Think Vertical

Once your items are packed, stack them vertically. It’s a handy trick to get the most amount of space from your unit.

We recommend frequent site visits, as every storage space has different heights, as well as fireproofing and lighting equipment. Before choosing your mini-storage unit, make sure to pay attention to both its size and ceiling height.

And don’t forget to place your heavy items such as books on the bottom layer, stacking lighter items as you go up.

3) Use Shelving

Stacking boxes when storing is a smart solution, but how do you retrieve items in the middle? If you’re the type that frequently retrieves things, design your storage space like you would a closet at home.

We recommend installing shelving units, allowing you to store items neatly and conveniently. Adjustable shelving units are ideal, making good use of every inch of space, while also easily removed.

4) Go Minimal

Constantly adding to your items while never decluttering leads to hoarding. We strongly suggest constantly reviewing your items and letting things go.

Storing infrequently-used items is both a waste of space and money. Remember, it takes wisdom and determination to go minimal.

5) Check out Boxful

When it comes to saving money, Boxful is always here to help.

At Boxful, we want you to spend the least amount of money while getting the most out of your storage space. Our storage options range from By-the-Item Storage, By-Square-Feet Storage, and Self-Service Lockers, priced attractively compared to mini-storages, will help save additional money.

Contact us today and find out about our range of services.

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