【Lease Expiring? Home Renovations?】How Short-Term Storage Can Simplify Moving

Hongkongers are no strangers to moving home. As rents constantly rise, tenants face little choice but to find new apartments every two to three years, with many forced to downsize.

Those stuck in limbo often seek temporary accommodation during their moves – and in those already-stressful situations, finding short-term solutions for all your belongings can be demanding.

But worry no more! Boxful is here for you, with our helpful short-term storage tips.

1)  Mini-Storage Eases Moves

Whether you’re moving home, renovating or redecorating, thoughts naturally turn to renting a temporary mini-storage space for your needs. But most aren’t aware that there’s a shortage of local units right now – if you’re looking for small to medium storage units, there’s a chance you’ll be disappointed, and it’s often even harder to find a short-term lease.

The good news is, some storage providers are now offering services where you get to pay per-square foot. At Boxful, our spaces start at just 6-square feet, more than enough space for up to 8 cardboard boxes – but we have a range of larger square-footage available, making us ideal and flexible as a short-term storage solution.

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2)Choose Storage Providers Carefully

Pay special attention when choosing a storage provider, especially for short-term solutions. Without temperature and humidity control in the facility, personal belongings can be easily damaged. Just think of all the mishaps after a month: mouldy clothes, rusty appliances, discolored documents.

Even for short-term storage, make sure you choose a storage provider that guarantees a climate-controlled facility – like Boxful.

3)What You Need Before “Moving In”

Some storage providers offer hassle-free, door-to-door pickup services for your items – including Boxful. But if you’re looking to maximise storage capacity, here are a few things to keep in mind before they arrive:

  • If possible, disassemble all furniture and label each part clearly, making it easier to reassemble in the future. At Boxful, we’re also happy to assist you with disassembly. 
  • Cover tables, chair legs and other sensitive surfaces with bubble wrap, to protect from scratches.
  • Wrap fragile items with bubble wrap and fill hollow areas with waste paper, to avoid damages.
  • For larger items, use packaging film or plastic wrap, wrapping entire surfaces to avoid cracks or damages.
  • If your furniture contains cabinets or drawers, use that extra space to store smaller items.

4) Essential Packing Tools

  • Bubble wrap
  • Marker pen
  • Old blankets, quilts and/or bath towels
  • Packaging film and/or Plastic wrap
  • Sealing tape
  • Waste paper and/or Old newspapers


As experienced storage experts, Boxful provides ”By-the-Item” and ”By-Square-Feet” storage services to accommodate your long- or short-term storage needs. Contact us today!

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